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EPI Mudder Clutch Kit 28+ Tires

EPI Mudder Clutch Kit 28+ Tires

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Can-Am 1000 Outlander 2012-15 Kit# WE437057 

Can-Am 1000 Outlander XMR 2013-15 Kit# WE437137

Can-Am 1000 Outlander (except XMR) 2016-18 Kit# WE437525

Can-Am 1000 Outlander XMR 2016-20 Kit# WE437465

  • Designed for 28"+ Tires
  • 0-3000' Elevation
  • Helps restore power loss due to addition of larger
  • Allows for easier turning of larger tires in the mud
  • Better low end power and torque
  • Quicker backshift which results in crisp throttle response
  • Reduces belt slip and clutch heat